Simple Carrots

As a snack today, I was really craving carrots. Conveniently, we had a lot, so obviously I had to eat most of them. This is super simple & can be either a snack or a side dish. It’s soo good and includes my favorite soy sauce dressing.

Simple Carrots (serves one)


  • As many carrots as you want! I used a handful of baby carrots and 4 regular sized carrots
  • As much Island Soyaki  (from Trader Joe’s) as you like! I used about 2 tablespoons


If your carrots are not already peeled, I recommend peeling them. To do this, just take a typical potato peeler and shave off the top layer. Steam the carrots. I used a microwave steamer but this can also be done on the stove with a steamer pot. Once steamed, cut up into bite size pieces, dress in Island Soyaki and enjoy!


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