Finally a Fat-Free Key Lime Yogurt!

Hey everybody!

As of recent, I’ve been in Hawaii, thus the lack of posts. While searching for breakfast goodies, I came upon the Yoplait Greek brand with a flavor of key lime! When I was little, this was the only flavor I would eat and became horrified when I actually looked at the fat content. Now, I can re-introduce key lime back into my life and not feel bad! Anyway, I don’t know how much you guys will like reviews but since I’m not cooking too much over here, reviews are where it’s at.

This stuff is so good! It has the awesome taste that I know and love while having my preferred texture of greek yogurt. If you love key lime like I love key lime, and don’t enjoy Yoplait’s Light line (I’m not a big fan of it) I 100% recommend this yummy yogurt. Although I do like this one, my favorite brand of yogurt is Dannon’s Okios, in all of their flavors, especially honey. Annnyway, tell me if you like reviews, if so, I’ll do more!


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