The Traveler’s Breakfast

Whew. I have traveled SO much this month. I’ve been to Hawaii, Portland and South Carolina this month and am still not at home! As you can imagine, not much cooking has been happening this month and it makes me sad! A lot of eating out can get real pricey real quick, so to semi cut down on costs, we’ve been getting breakfast materials at the grocery store to eat at home/hotel. Here are some ideas for breakfasts that are cheap, quick and incredibly easy to “cook” while traveling!

  • Toast – buy some jam and pb! (better for longer trips/with more people)
  • Fruit bowl – buy your favorite fruits, then combo them! (a definite must every trip for me)
  • yogurt – self-explanatory, it’s just plain amazing! (I prefer Greek)

Not gonna lie, I do have all three most days, but I always eat a huge breakfast to help me eat normal portion sizes the rest of the day.

I know these ideas aren’t revolutionary, just a few ideas!


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