Raw Vegan Class!

This post is long overdue, but I’ve semi-recently attended a raw vegan cooking class with my parents. Basically it was truly delicious and if you’re in the Bay Area of California, I recommend her class whole heartedly! (sorry for the terrible quality, taken on my mom’s iphone!)

Here are some pictures of what we made 🙂

Lasagna – This was SO yummy. It includes an olive tapenade and a hemp pesto with a lot of dehydrated vegetables, a lot of rich flavors and with even more time in the fridge or sitting, the flavors would be even better.

Minestrone – This was interesting. It was thicker than a typical minestrone but does truly capture the tomato feel needed for a good minestrone. The chopped vegetables were softened by dehydration, could have used more dehydration but we were crunched for time!

Creamy dressing salad – I didn’t think this was even possible to be vegan, but I was proved wrong! This was also super good, I plan to make for myself and post the recipe then.

Tiramisu – This was by far my favorite part of the entire class. It was that good. I will make these one day, and post the recipe then. It was literally amazing and I feel as if I could eat this all day, every day.  SO GOOD! Plus since I hate coffee, I left out the expresso so it wasn’t really a tiramisu for me but it was sooo good.


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