Restaurant: Source, San Francisco

Okay so I haven’t yet received the E2 recipe I had the other day, so that will come soon. In the mean time, my mom and I went to a bread making class in SF Thursday and ended up with some awesome loaves! I’ll do a post on that later if you’re interested.

Anyway, after we went to a restaurant where everything can be made vegan, so my mom and I decided to try some of the quirky items on the menu. We ordered the Vegan Mousaka which is grilled layered eggplant with cinnamon, garbanzo, mushroom, tomato, soy protein and topped with a cashew “béchamel” sauce. Not the prettiest thing, but it sure does taste good!

Apparently they’re also known for their pizzas, so we ordered their Taco Pizza. It contains spiced “moo,” black bean puree, pico de gallo, guacamole, romaine and a vegan cheese sauce drizzled over top. It looks cool & tastes great!

We tried to stay as close as we could to the diet; no salads because of the oil, vegan and nothing fried or creamy. It’s difficult to eat out but if you try your hardest, you’re still grasping the ideas of the diet.

This place was pretty good, I’d have it again. Mostly just to try more things on their interesting menu!


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